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Extended knowledge of the market requirements

Secondary packaging for the food industry must meet the expectations of both consumers and industry. It must:LGR Packaging - litho-printed laminated boxes - food

    • protect the products,
    • be attractive, arouse emotion,
    • be convenient and easy to use for consumers,
    • integrate in the supply-chain and the distribution channel.

These requirements are taken into account by LGR during the entire life cycle of products, from the packaging design phase to the logistic coordination.


Individual support from design offices

Whether it is to develop packaging from products, to rethink the materials, to study the mechanization of products relatively to customer packaging lines, to follow the deployment of a project, or for any other request, LGR design offices offer personalized support.


A wide range of technical solutions

LGR Packaging - litho-printed laminated boxes - foodMachinery on LGR industrial sites not only offers great capabilities in terms of volumes processed, but also a remarkable variety of technical solutions: small, large, simple and complex boxes, addition of different elements (handles, windows, labels, anti-counterfeiting devices, etc.), standard or advanced printing, etc.


A nice print to appeal

A nice print to appeal

Particularly in the food sector, the temptation generated by the packaging is important: the image on the packaging must comply to the product and enhance it to convince the consumer to choose it.

LGR Packaging  A wide range of printing and finishing solutions help achieve this goal: matt/gloss varnish effects, hot foil stamping, embossing, metallization, etc.

Tailored solutions for retail

Tailored solutions for retail

LGR Packaging

Large and medium stores have high expectations for the packaging: it should be easy to assemble, then to be put on shelf, it must be clearly identified and meet some visual harmonization, it should minimize handling operations, footprint and waste.

This is how shelf-ready-packaging, plates, trays, or even large format displays were developed in recent years.

New expectations from consumers

New expectations from consumers

Change in the consumption patterns and behaviour has a direct impact on the packaging. Trends such as snacking, ecological footprint awareness or the development of mobile technologies have brought the concepts of portionability, ergonomics, eco-design or even interactivity.



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