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LGR PackagingLGR Packaging is a European company specialized in printed cardboard packaging.

Thanks to 12 sites in France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey and Poland, which are dedicated to packaging for pharmaceuticals or consumer goods, LGR offers a unique network in terms of products and locations. 

The company relies on a high level of quality, continuous innovation, and service focussed on customer satisfaction and success of projects.


INSPIRE - Enthusiasm, Open-mindedness, Attentiveness

SATISFY - Solutions, Service, Professionalism

SECURE - Reliability, Sustainability, Respect, Trust


Values, assets

A family-owned company relying on strong values and a long-term vision. 


An organization focused on flexibility, reactivity, proactivity and continuous improvement. 


A European network of specialized and complementary sites.  

Quality & CSR

Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the daily management.  

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