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LGR PackagingSo as to offer the best service to local and multinational customers, with an answer suited to each profile, LGR has structured its sales teams on different levels:

    • Customer Service on sites,
    • Account Managers dedicated to a market or an area 
    • Key Account Managers at the European scale
    • Sales Direction of LGR

The good coordination and communication between these teams ensures a reliable customer service.  



Each entity of LGR Packaging is autonomous in its daily functioning. This way of working guarantees a close relationship between the site and its customers, and a high level of reactivity.  


Proactivity, continuous improvement

For some cross-company functions, the pooling of resources is relevant and coordination is essential. Therefore, on such topics, sites are supported in their daily practice by specialized LGR teams in a process of continuous improvement: IT, supply chain, quality assurance, R&D or printing expertise are some examples of such functions.


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