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Due to a growing content of leaflets (multilingual versions, more detailed dosages and descriptions) and the regulation towards readability of characters, the size of products is steadily increasing, whereas the size of the carton remains unchanged. The consequence of this trend, in order to keep an optimal conditioning of products, is a reduction in used paper weights and more complex folds, as illustrated by the development of leaflets such as Tagserts and Outserts.


Our assets

    • LGR Packaging - LeafletsSpecialization and long experience in pharmaceutical packaging of LGR sites, which make them fully aware of customers' requirements, especially with regard to quality 
    • Reactivity, with a just-in-time production
    • A high level of industrial investment: equipment for crossed leaflets, such as tagserts and outserts, has been recently largely enhanced, in particular in printing and folding sections
    • A common offer "folding cartons + leaflets"  
Bloc Notices autres

What about other markets ?

Bloc Notices autres

LGR provides its skills in leaflet manufacturing to other markets. Flat, pre-folded, folded (simple or complex) leaflets, with double-side printing, one or many colours: LGR offer covers the main needs of various sectors.



LGR Packaging: Reine Emballages, Rey Emballages, Leguay Emballages, Cartonnages Girard, Cartonex, CFL Emballages, Policolor, Pharprint, VTK, Goldprint, Erbi, Duran Dogan

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