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Solutions to enhance the packaging

LGR Packaging - cardboard packaging - Personal careLGR has a wide range of technical solutions for transforming the packaging into a vector of emotion and attraction. In a sector where the notion of well-being and feelings are important, packaging contributes to the overall assessment of the product.

LGR proposes to enhance the packaging by environmentally-friendly higher grade or complex materials (metallization Gloss & Green®), a premium printing (selective varnishes with matt / gloss effects, soft-touch varnishes, structured aspects, etc.), a sophisticated finishing (cold foil stamping, flat or embossed hot foil stamping of various colours, embossing).


Ongoing technical support

Whether for the conception of new designs, for the operational implementation of complex printing, or for starting a new project, LGR teams support customers to the complete success of the project.


An efficient and flexible tool

LGR Packaging - Cardboard packaging - Personal CareThe LGR industrial facilities, at the cutting edge of technology and constantly being renewed, offer broad capabilities and can meet both small and large series in all box sizes.


LGR Packaging: Reine Emballages, Rey Emballages, Leguay Emballages, Cartonex, CFL Emballages, Cartonnages Girard, Pharprint, Policolor, VTK, Goldprint, Erbi, Duran Dogan


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