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Rigid boxes: our assets

    • Manual and semi-automatic productions, especially suited to small and middle-sized batches
    • A close cooperation between conception, printing and converting teams, for a better understanding of potential difficulties and a high quality result,  
    • A great freedom for designs and choice of accessories (magnets, clasps, ribbons, etc.). Consistent food for creativity !   
    • A new alternative compared to traditional sourcing, with production meeting European standards, which is affordable and reactive,  
    • Synergies with folding cartons, which can be enhanced through manual finishing operations, pre-assembly, etc.  
Boite rigide 1

Boîte rigide 2

Boîte rigide 3


LGR Packaging - cardboard displayThe display is a tremendous marketing tool in retail and has to be appealing for consumers.  

LGR Packaging machine pool allows to manufacture large and flat delivered offset printed displays:

    • 1/4 pallet box
    • 1/2 pallet box
    • 100% cardboard

Many options are proposed: with or without a base, integrated header, trays, inserts, upper part...  

Moreover, LGR is able to produce packaging in 2 or 3 parts, which extends the scope of possibilities in terms of dimensions, complexity and customization.  



LGR Packaging: Reine Emballages, Rey Emballages, Leguay Emballages, Cartonnages Girard, Cartonex, CFL Emballages, Policolor, Pharprint, VTK, Goldprint, Erbi, Duran Dogan

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