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LGR Packaging offers a wide range of solidboard folding cartons.  

All kinds of materials can be converted (virgin, recycled, metallized, laminated) and all kinds of constructions can be considered.

Printing (acrylic/UV) and the various finishing and converting technologies (metallization, cold/hot foil stamping, embossing, window patching, gluing of elements) allow to meet expectations of our targeted markets: Pharmaceuticals and Personal care, and Premium projects in all sectors.


Our assets

    • A wide European site network, covering large areas and offering flexibility in supply chain 
    • A state-of-the-art equipment
    • A technical support all along the projects 
    • An ability to propose value adding solutions for packaging  
    • A technical expertise in complex gluing  


BLOC 3 Etuis
BLOC 2 Etuis
BLOC 1 Etuis



What about other markets ?


LGR provides its skills in Premium packaging to other markets, thanks to outstanding printing and finishing equipment: selective varnishes, cold/hot foil stamping, metallization, embossing, laminating, etc.  


Premium divers 1
Premium divers 2
Premium divers 3


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