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The mission of on-site engineering offices and LGR Packaging R&D team, which coordinates actions, is to assist customers throughout the lifetime of a project, and anticipate future needs: to be available and submit innovative ideas.



LGR Packaging - offset printed cardboard packagingLGR Packaging - offset printed cardboard packagingFrom a product to pack, a briefing or a drawing, LGR creates functional packaging meeting technical requirements. 3D pictures and mock-ups are proposed to start the brainstorming and validation stages. 


Assistance, implementation

LGR Packaging - offset printed cardboard packagingLGR technical teams are committed, also at customer's plants, to achieve the success of projects and the effective deployment of actions. Project teams can be implemented to involve different skills.


Continuous improvement

Work on new materials, new technologies or equipment optimization is also at the heart of R&D projects. Thus, LGR has developed over the past years, among others, a new serialization device, thanks to a close cooperation with the equipment supplier, or the no-foil metallization process Gloss&Green®.


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To develop new designs or new functions for packaging is a huge incentive for our technical teams, whose inspiration has no limit ! 

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