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Family-owned company

LGR Packaging: Reine Emballages, Rey Emballages, Cartonex, CFL Emballages, Leguay Emballages, Cartonnages Girard, Policolor, VTK, Goldprint, Pharprint, Erbi, Duran DoganLGR was created in 1987 through the merger of 3 family-owned plants specialized in cardboard packaging. The company has kept its original values and its independence, what authorizes a great freedom of action and a forward-looking management relying on continuous improvement.  


Network of specialized sites

Specialization of sites within LGR network has always been a strength. It ensures to customers a high level of expertise and a perfect knowledge of markets

Moreover, as a guarantee for the supply chain, each site has one or several "back-up" plants, with similar production equipment and procedures.

Complementarity of sites, in terms of products and/or locations, is another asset developed by LGR Packaging to offer a service in line with customers' needs. 


High level of flexibility

The size of the company, its family structure and its organization allow LGR teams to be reactive in the answer they bring to customers and prospects: decision-making process is short and organized so as to be efficient.


Culture of loyalty

Whether with its employees, customers or strategic suppliers, LGR gives the priority to long-term relationships and partnerships, where each party achieves its aim and improves. 


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