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February 2017

With 50 million units produced per year, LGR Packaging is the leader on the French market of "wine in box" packaging and is continuously innovating around this packaging concept.

BIB Tear Tape Ang A Plat

A few months ago the company made the use of this packaging easier for the consumer by developing a clever feature making the tap to automatically go out of the box once the cap is opened.

Today, LGR is working on the recyclability of the product.

Two tear-tapes located in the extreme parts of the box allow an easy opening when the bag is empty, whereas this operation could be sometimes difficult on « classic » packaging. The consumer can thus separate plastic and cardboard parts without effort and then fold the box to optimize recycling.

Furthermore, sorting becomes much easier when the packaging is fitted with a « finger » handle instead of a plastic one. 

As tear-tapes are located in the extreme sides of the box, the recycling functionality keeps the wide communication area free, which is a major asset for this kind of packaging.

The development of this concept is an example of the support LGR Packaging can bring to customers on eco-design and innovation. The company will announce further developments in the upcoming months.



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